5. Sofware

Software to support your work

Are you feeling overwhelmed with a pile of piled-up work? Still using conventional methods to get everything done? Well, it seems like you need an update! It’s time to switch to the digital era and take advantage of various tools available.

With the rapid advancement of technology, there are now many software options specifically designed to help speed up your work. From project management to team communication, there are various tools you can use to make your work more efficient.

So, what software should you use? Here are some recommendations you can consider:

1. Canva

Enjoy designing but don’t want to deal with the intricacies of elements and such? Canva might be the perfect solution for you! Canva has become a widely used software for creating beautiful and professional designs in seconds. You can work on various designs, including creative and ATS resumes, animated PowerPoint presentations, banners, posters, flyers, social media posts, and much more. The diverse range of elements they offer includes simple shapes and lines to complex elements. Using Canva is also quite easy, mostly just drag and drop, depending on your preference. Canva is especially handy in the current digital era, and it’s no wonder many people use it for design. It offers team collaboration features, so if you have a group design task, you can work together on different devices without waiting for others to finish. Therefore, it’s worth learning this software as it will likely remain useful in the future.

2. Microsoft Office

It’s no surprise that Microsoft Office is on this recommendation list. Many jobs require proficiency in using Microsoft Office because it offers ease in handling data (Microsoft Excel), note-taking (Microsoft Word), and creating presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint), among other advantages. Need to handle a lot of financial data but don’t want to calculate each one or afraid of losing your book? Don’t worry; you can quickly and automatically calculate this data with Microsoft Office Excel. Just input the available formulas, and your calculations will be automatic, even if you change the numbers. So, what are you waiting for? Start learning about Microsoft Office because it will be highly beneficial for your career and other needs!

3. Notion

Notion is a productivity application that provides an all-in-one platform for organizing, managing, and collaborating with teams. This app allows users to create documents, databases, web pages, schedules, tasks, and much more in one well-organized place. Notion is highly flexible and can be used for various needs, including project management, task management, sales management, knowledge management, content management, and more. Notion offers an intuitive and easy-to-use visual page editor, allowing users to create and organize documents and information without requiring high technical skills. The app also comes with powerful collaboration features, enabling users to share documents and information with their teams and collaborate in real-time. Notion is available on various platforms, including desktop, web, and mobile, allowing users to access and manage their information anywhere and anytime.

By switching to digital tools, you can work faster and more efficiently. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start your digital journey now!

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